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Sangria: A Flavorful Red Wine Cocktail

Posted on January 20, 2016

Sangria is one of my favorite drinks and Tiny Boxwoods has a great one.

My friend Robyn and I absolutely adore the Sangria from Tiny Boxwoods, which is the inspiration behind this recipe. Tiny Boxwoods is a boutique restaurant with a beautiful garden like setting. They keep all of their recipes under lock and key so I have NO IDEA what they use in their sangria. This recipe is based solely on my experience and interpretation of something close to it’s flavor profile.

I think Sangria is perfect for any season. It feels festive, fun and lovely.

A traditional Sangria is a cocktail beverage made with red wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener (honey or simple syrup), and a touch of brandy. It’s typically associated with Spain mostly but it’s also in Ireland and Portugal. Sangria can be steeped in minutes or for a few days.

I researched a few red wines to find a good base for this drink and after testing several to get as close as I could to the Tiny Boxwoods flavor I decided to go with Spellbound Merlot. It has a nice berry base with toasted Madagascar vanilla bean and French oak that works well with the other ingredients and makes this recipe delightful.

Serves 1

4 ounces of Spellbound Merlot Wine
1 ounce of orange liqueur (I like Grand Marnier) or you can also use orange juice
2 ounces of blueberry juice (or you can use grape juice)
1 ounce of lemonade
2/3 cup of crushed ice
2 oranges sliced in rounds for garnish

1. In a tall glass mix wine, Grand Marnier, blueberry juice, and lemonade.
2. Fill a red wine glass with 2/3 cup of crushed ice.
3. Pour the sangria mixture over the crushed ice and garnish with orange slices.

NOTE: I’ve made this recipe based on my preferences. You can edit this to your taste if you prefer less of something and more of another ingredient. If you prefer it to be sweeter I would add a teaspoon of honey.