An Easy Snack: Almond Butter with Skyr (Icelandic-style yogurt) and Blackberries

Lately this has been a staple snack for me.

I have this a couple of times a week and for the moment I am in love with it.

It’s something I can put together rather quickly and it’s packed full of protein which curbs my late afternoon cravings.

I like to use Skyr, which is the traditional yogurt of Iceland.

Skyr is made from skim milk after the cream has floated off to make butter. It has less sugar so there is nothing there to mask that natural tart flavor of yogurt. I like the tartness and now find regular yogurt and even some of the Greek yogurt to be way too sweet.

My favorite way to eat Skyr is with honey almond butter. The brand I’ve found and like is siggi’s. The blueberry and vanilla work well with the almond butter.



1 container of Skyr yogurt (siggi’s is a brand I like)

2 teaspoons of Honey Almond Butter

As many Blackberries as you want
Note: You can use blueberries and raspberries too


1. Mix the Skyr with the Honey Almond Butter until it’s all blended

2. Add in your fruit and mix again

3. Top off with more fruit and you are ready for your snack

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