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Champagne Style: Rosés You Will Love

rose sparkling wine

There are tons of options for sparkling wines on the market so it can be a little overwhelming when you are trying to pick one out.

I typically like an old world wine experience so my taste will pick up more of the European style crafted wines. If money was no option my ultimate choice for champagne is a Krug Rosé.

In this post I want to give you my 3 choices for a Rosé Sparkling to Champagne that are an amazing value for you money. They range from $16 to $48.

Try them out and pair them with suggestions below to add another layer to your festivities!

Graham Beck Rosé NV, South Africa

Pair it with: Anything spicy like Spicy Tuna, Hot Sausage, Indian , or Cajun and it will be a hit! When we are having spicy food I always have this on hand.

Fun Fact: This wine is made in the spirit of a Krug style champagne!

Notes: The nose has alluring expressive aromas of small red berries and strawberry fruit. The impressive tight bead pattern is quite explosive initially, then it settles down into a steady stream of tiny bubbles. The palate has a nice creamy mousse with delicious red berry/summer fruit. It is an amazing value at $18 a bottle!

Cost: $18 to $20 a bottle

Gruet Rosé, NV New Mexico

Pair it with: A plate of fresh berries, hard or soft cheeses and smoked salmon. It is perfect for starters and will be a warm welcome for anyone walking through the door. This is a total crowd pleaser and accommodates groups well. When I have less control over the food and a variety of people to serve I start with this.

Notes: It has a lovely, bright floral bouquet with hints of strawberry, raspberry and cherry. On the palate, it is rich and fruity but still catches the essence of a Brut style.

If you like: A wine that is not so dry but a little wet and lingers with a light fruit (but still not a sugar bomb) this is for you. For my friends that don’t like brut style wines they really love this one.

Cost: $12 to $16 a bottle.

Louis De Sacy, Brut Rosé Grand Cru, Champagne, Reims, France

Pair it with: Heavier meats and cheeses. It would be an excellent choice for assortment of pungent cheeses, cured, smoked and roasted meats.

Notes: This Rosé has a lovely salmon-pink color. It’s  full-bodied with notes of ripe berries, pears, and wood spice. It has a well balanced structure that pairs perfect with savory meals.

I would classify it as a food Champagne meaning it’s not just for appetizers but also goes well with savory meals and meats and hearty dishes. I often pair this with lamb, and even stews when I am in the mood for something a bit lighter than a red or white wine.

Cost: $32 to $48 a bottle


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