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Touring the Dessert Cases of Burgundy

One of my favorite things about traveling is discovering and enjoying the food and the pastries. In France we had so much fun trying different types of desserts and breakfast items.

Here’s our little cafe table with Giulia.

the nest-1

Every morning we would visit the local boulangerie to pick out freshly-baked goodies for breakfast. Our favorites included the Most Decadent Kolache Ever (my name for it, the label said “Hot Dog”) and the flaky, not-too-sweet Chocolate Croissants.

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In the afternoon while we were wandering around we would pick up a few desserts for the evening (assuming they lasted that long without being eaten).

There were so many things to choose from, but I wanted to give you a sample of what was in the dessert cases. I just kept thinking I would love to try to make this back home, if I dare. I think one of the challenges is having a good basic pastry cream that is used throughout all of these desserts just in different combinations.

the nest-5

Typical desserts that we found included a brioche dough with Pastry Cream and Apricots or Cherries, different style tarts, Eclairs (in French it literally means “Lightning”, because of the time they last on a plate), Millefeuille (Napoleans). The Pain D’Epices is a ginger cake that has its orgins dating back to the crusades. You will find bonbons from Flavigny that are famous thoughout France. We also loved the sausage in a buttery bread that seemed to be everywhere.

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