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DIY: Red and White Valentine’s Day Cards

When I think of Valentine’s Day I immediately think of homemade cards.

I feel like it should be something beautiful and different that is created instead of store bought.

This year I decided on red and white Valentine’s Day Cards.
I used scalloped white paper stationary (found in the wedding section of a craft store) folded in half. I went with a Happy Valentine’s Day stamp and red ink. I used red envelopes tied with red and white twine.

To make them extra special I used gold wax seals with a double heart stamp to make the impression.

Here is what you will need if you like this look:

1. A set of white scalloped cards.
2. A set of red envelopes.
3. A stamp set that you like.
I went with a big heart stamp that reads Happy Valentine’s Day in a circle.
4. Ink pad for the stamp. I used red.
5. White heart stickers for the outside of the red envelope. (Stickers: Martha Stewart Collection)
6. An elegant pen writer. I went with black and a 2.0mm fine tip. This pen will make your handwriting look effortlessly elegant.
7. Wax and a seal in a design you like. I went with a heart seal and gold wax.
(You can find this at your craft store in the wedding department.)


Use the stamps however you feel best suits the card, and then use the elegant pen for names and Valentine’s Day wishes.

I positioned the white heart sticker to the left of the envelope and then wrote the child’s name. I used a wax seal in gold to finish it off (see the image above).

Note: Make sure you have both wet and dry napkins on hand so that you can clean the excess ink from the stamp after a couple of uses. This will help eliminate any smudging that could happen and mar your stamp’s impression on the card.

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