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Do It Yourself Centerpieces

Here are a few ideas for centerpieces with 3 to 4 dozen roses.  I used the following containers to create different looks: Water Pitcher, Trophy Vase, Tiny Vases, Cake Stand and Candy Bowls.

Water Pitcher

With 3 dozen roses and a water pitcher this makes a quick and easy centerpiece.


Trophy Vase

With 3 dozen roses and a trophy style vase this makes an impressive centerpiece on a small table or entry way where your guests will arrive. Since this is a tall vase I like to put it on a table in our entry hall with a candle next to it. It brings warmth and freshness when guest walk into our home.


Tiny Vases

I can’t tell you how great these tiny vases are to have around. You can get them from a craft store. With 4 dozen roses and 24 to 30 tiny vases you can create a couple of different looks for your table.

You can bunch them all together in the center, you can put them in short lines across a table, or you can make one horizontal line across the table. You can also arrange them into the shape of a heart.


Cake Stand and Tiny Vases

With the cake stand you can put your tiny vases on top in a circle. Center the cake stand on the table for a different look.



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