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Burgundy: Comte Senard in Aloxe Corton

Friends of ours in Aloxe Corton own the vineyards of Domaine Comte Senard. It is set in a sprawling Burgundian vineyard near the town of Beaune. Count Philippe Senard has directed the estate since 1971.

We met with the Countess Béatrice Senard and toured the grounds along with a magnificent lunch at Domaine Comte Senard.


The weather was chilly and rainy but perfect for lunch. We enjoyed the Beef Bourguignon and all of it’s richness with the Gratin potatoes.


My favorite was the traditional ham terrine.  


We enjoyed a 6-flight wine tasting that was perfectly paired. I can’t put into words how much I love this wine, especially the stunningly smooth and complex Corton-Charlemagne. This was my parents’ first time in France, and this stop became one of the highlights of their trip.

Background on Aloxe Corton and Comte Senard:

Corton is considered to have the largest area of Grands Crus in Burgundy. By definition, Grand Cru is French for “great growth” and indicates a vineyard with a very good reputation in producing wine. It’s used to indicate the potential of the vineyard or terroir (land), and it is the top classification of AOC wines from Burgundy.


This terroir is also called la montagne (the mountain). At the top of the hill is where you will find a great white Burgundy wine called Corton-Charlemagne. This unique white wine is one of the best in the region that includes greats like Montrachet and Meursault. Its is said that the french emperor Charlemagne owned and ruled this place 1,300 years ago.


Legend has it that the Emperor Charlemagne granted the lands in 775 and planted about 70 acres of vines. These vines were located on the land of Corton “Curtis of Othon” (meaning the Estate of Othon). The beneficiaries were the Canons of the Collegiate Church of St. Andoche Saulieu.


This is the little road that leads you to the vineyards of Clos des Meix and my mother Sandra with the vineyard on her right.


This is a lovely porch that looks over one of the vineyards. It seems like the perfect spot to sip a cup of tea or have a glass of wine with friends.


In 1857, Jules Senard, great-grandfather of our friend Philippe, created a vineyard called Clos des Meix. It has belonged to the Domaine ever since. As the years went by, they acquired distinguished names such as Corton Clos du Roi, Corton Bressandes, and Corton Charlemagne. This of course increased the prestige of and the number of great wines offered by the Domaine Comte Senard.

Giulia is standing in front of a structure that was built to resemble a 13th century castle. About 200 years ago a relative of Philippe, who loved the theater wanted to host and practice Shakespearean plays. I found the entire structure to be enchanting. I can only imagine a night of watching these plays unfold!


This nook caught my attention. I love the carefree and comfortable feel it has. This little area is located right below the tower.


Today the family’s domain covers a total of 9 hectares. They offer a beautiful selection of vintages that are matured on-site, right in the cellars of the estate. These cellars were built in the XIIIth century by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Sainte-Marguerite.


If you would like to try these wines here’s a list to look for: Domaine Comte Senard

If you are not able to find their wines you can also see about having them shipped to you. Contact Domain Comte Senard and find out if they can send you wine directly. This will all depend on your state laws and regulations.

If you find yourself in this area you can stop by for lunch in their tasting room. It is such a treat.

Béatrice & Philippe, thank you so much for your hospitality we had a great time! The kids miss your lovely puppy!


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