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Lately I’ve been re-thinking breakfast from the standpoint of sugar. This is a great breakfast option that can also make for lunch or even a snack. It’s tasty, healthy and easy to pull together.

I like to boil my eggs to be a little soft. Here are some guidelines you can try.

Soft Boiled Egg Cooking Times

If you are using large eggs, cook the eggs for 4 minutes, for a runny yolk and 6 minutes for a medium-boiled egg, where the yolk is only slightly runny.



Handful of Fresh Spinach
2 Boiled eggs to your liking
Salt and Olive Oil to your taste


1. Toss the Spinach with a touch of olive oil and salt
2. Boil your eggs to your liking and peel (see above for suggestions of times)
3. Mash up one boiled egg with your fork and toss with the spinach
4. Cut the other boiled egg in half
5. Plate the spinach mixture
6. Place the 2nd egg cut in half on top of the spinach



NOTE: For medium sized eggs, reduce these cooking times by one minute. For Extra large eggs, add on one minute.

Hard Boiled Eggs Cooking Times

Once the water is boiling, the heat is reduced to a simmer and the eggs are cooked for around 10 – 12 minutes.

NOTE: Plunge eggs into cold water and leave until they are cooled. The cold water creates a layer of steam between the shell and the egg white, so that it is easier to peel the egg.

Then I just grab a handful of fresh spinach and toss it with a bit of salt and a touch of olive oil.

You could also add ham or turkey to this.

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