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A Gypset Lifestyle

I finally got around to reading Gypset by Julie Chaplin. I was very excited to read this book and wasn’t sure what to expect or what the topics would be. For me I have always loved the idea behind a Bohemian lifestyle and was curious on how Gypset was different than that.  The one thing that was apparent from the beginning is Julia Chaplin associates Gypset with surfing.


The book has some fantastic pictures that are wrapped in stories and history of the Gypsies that appealed to artists and travelers around the world. I wish the book had more imagery. Storyboards would have been a nice way to accomplish this and give us a better idea of how they translated “Gypset” into their lifestyle.



I am a visual person so of course this is going to stick out for me. I wanted to hear more about the explorers and the artists like like Ernest Hemingway. The sections in the book that covered them were my favorites.  I also found it a little off to glamorize the drug usage, not that it didn’t exist but I feel that has nothing to do with living a Bohemian or Gypset lifestyle.



Gypset is a decent book that highlights alternative lifestyles and digs a little bit into Gypsy history. I did enjoy reading about some of the alternative lifestyles of artists and how they incorporate natural elements into it.  If this is something that interests you then definitely grab the book and read it!


What did I want to see more of?

More about people exploring and bringing abandon buildings, cottages, castles to life. There are people out there doing this and I would love to know about them.

What’s my lifestyle?

I like to explore the nooks and crannies of life and find treasures. I like a mix between Bohemian and Gypsy with a polished European flair all with an American backbone. I fill the everyday with traditions, culture, food, languages, foreign film, and some form of art.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Is there a certain lifestyle you aspire to live?

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