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My Dutch Style Bike Arrived

Carrie Pacini

Dress: Anthropology, Rose Pink Sash: Vintage, Shoes: Dolce Vita Wedges, Bike: Electra Amsterdam Model

I’ve been quite obsessed with Dutch Bikes and Baskets so I decided to start looking for one.

This was all inspired from a trip to the Tuscan Country Side in Lucca, Italy. Once we were back state side I missed all the things we did and how active we were. I was determined to create that paradox at home.

This bike brings a smile to my face every time I see it. It actually makes other friends that see me on the road smile. I always find a text: I saw you today on your bike! It’s so much fun to have for quick errands to the grocery store or if I need to drop off something at the school.

I know it doesn’t work for everything I need to do but I am at least mixing it up. I do see more ladies riding these bikes around the neighborhood and they all make me smile.


The seat is super comfy and made of leather.


This particular model and style is from Electra and it is their basic Amsterdam model. It also comes in black but I went with ivory.


I really do like everything about this bike. It is exactly what I was looking for.


I also think the company that builds these bikes (Electra ) has a great philosophy.

On their site you will find inspiration to rethink cardio, rethink traffic, rethink commute, rethink lunch, and rethink transportation.

They have different lines that work for just about any lifestyle. It’s worth a look if this interests you.

They are the official bike of nothing official – I love their culture.

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    November 2, 2012 at 8:43 am

    Love the bike. I’m in the middle of an obsession / dream world where I wish my daily life could be more bicycle friendly. Especially since there is this nostalgia that goes with biking everywhere. I imagine myself going to the produce market, filling the bike pannier on the back with fresh fruits and veggies, and cycling home. Sigh**** maybe someday.

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