Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen

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Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen by Carrie Pacini (2020)

Approachable Bread Baking with Simple Ingredients!

When you think about making your own bread, you probably imagine bread machines, worrying about whether or not your loaf will rise, and putting in more effort than it’s worth.

I felt the same way until I was changed by my discoveries while baking with family and friends in Tuscany. Thankfully, I’ve learned that making your own bread can be simple, straightforward, and even a source of joy.

Some of the most delicious breads in the world don’t require specialized equipment, and are actually easy (and fun) enough that you can involve your whole family in the baking process.

Throughout my travels, I’ve learned that you don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to make a great loaf of bread. After all, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers made bread without modern contraptions, and that bread tasted amazing.

With this book, I hope to share these same secrets with you.


– Make rustic breads with tools and ingredients you have in your kitchen
– Use foolproof techniques for producing a great loaf every time you bake
– Improvise and tailor these breads to your and your family’s taste

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I’m Carrie Pacini, home cook and baker, mom, and wife. My book, Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen is a downloadable collection of my most accessible and well-loved rustic bread recipes.

The twelve recipes you’ll find in Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen are inspired by my travels throughout Europe and fueled by my insatiable passion for traditional foods.

Each rustic bread recipe in Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen is accompanied by personal anecdotes about how the recipe came into my life, its heritage, and my suggestions for how you and your family might best enjoy it.

I’ve found that the best bread is often unfussy and hand-formed. In Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen, I share the joy of simple bread-making with you, so that you can bake for your family, delight your friends, and pass on this tradition to your children

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After years of developing recipes at For the Feast, I’ve found that many cooks who are entirely comfortable in the kitchen are still intimidated by the thought of making bread.

I understand where they’re coming from, because I was exactly the same way until that fateful summer in Italy when I learned how very simple it could be.

Over and over again, readers have tried my recipes and been surprised and delighted by how manageable they are. I created Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen to give you a fail-safe collection of bread recipes.

After baking the recipes from this book, you’ll have complete faith in your ability to bake delectable bread for any occasion, from family gatherings to afternoon snacks.

Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen

Carrie Pacini’s Rustic Italian Bread for the Modern Kitchen will fit right into your kitchen if:

– You’ve thought about or tried baking bread before but have been intimidated by the process and equipment required
– Your kitchen is filled with timeless essentials, not newfangled gadgets
– You’re ready to have some adventures in the kitchen
– You’re searching for one (or two or three) bread recipes that will turn out every single time

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Here’s what home cooks of all skill levels have to say.

“I’ve never made bread before and was looking for a quick and simple recipe to beat my stir crazies down–this was perfect! I had everything I needed in-house, it wasn’t hard, and most importantly didn’t involve a bread machine. I just tried it along with a bit of honey butter and I am in love! So much, that I’m headed to make two more loaves so I can give one to my grandma. Thank you so much for this excellent recipe!” – Kayla

“Grazie for the recipe…. I followed your instructions as set out and the result was sensational! This was my first attempt at bread making. Your method is so easy and it turned out just great.” – Carmel

“I started off with making two loaves this morning and it’s mid afternoon and I have to make more because my family devoured them!” – Franca

“First time bread-maker and I happened upon your recipe. It was perfect for a novice like me! Thanks so much for posting this and for making me feel like I can do it! It was delicious…ate my first slice (and another and another) hot out of the oven with butter. Perfection!” – Jennie

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