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Packaging Tasty Cookies in Jars

Cookies in Jars

The kids and I have been baking away and having fun in the Kitchen!
I usually box up or bag our cookies but this year I am into jars.

I love how versatile the jar is and I like how it makes the cookies really stand out. Something about the weight of the jar makes me think wow these are special cookies.

My appreciation for jars started in Italy where you will find tiny tasty yogurts that are packaged in adorable little jars. Then I moved on to the Bonne Maman preserves. We go through at least 1 jar of Bonne Maman a week so we started collecting the jars and using them for glasses. I think it’s charming and different and I am recycling or upcycling (which ever term you prefer).

So if you are into this idea and need to pull treats together fast you can find the jars in the baking isle of your grocery store. I bought a case of the wide mouth jars and they worked perfect. It really made it easier to manage the cookies for gift giving.

Here are the Biscotti di Regina also known as the Seed Cookies that we made.

biscotti regina

And the Italian Wedding Cookie that are shaped into snowballs.

italian wedding cookies

Happy Baking this Weekend!

Carrie Pacini

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